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Business Summary

Borderless Rycycling

This is the business model AGASTA CO., LTD. set a goal of. We have been exporting demanded vehicles and service in the market on a global basis and aim to supply platform efficiently from the day of establishment in 1997.

Used Car Export

We export high quality Japanese used cars at reasonable prices overseas . There are two general business form. One is B to B used car export and the other one is B to C used car export through website.

B to B Used Car Export

We buy in used cars through car auction and car dealers upon request from overseas car dealers. All cars will be delivered to our stock yard to be inspected and maintained by professional mechanics. Finally, cars are exported in right condition to our customers.

Business Summary

We have launched Japnaese used car Online Shop, Pick'nBuy24.com in December 2006 targeting individuals. Customers can purchase used cars ready to drive easily from the website and the cars are already inspected, maintained and washed before listed on the website. We are ready to support your car purchase if it is the first time to buy.